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About us

We focus on areas of high unmet medical needs such as obesity/metabolism, oncology, and rare disease.

We focus on areas of high unmet medical needs.


Obesity is the leading cause of diverse metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, as well as steatotic liver diseases. Recently, WHO (World Health Organization) officially announced and defined obesity as the 21st century’s pandemic, urging countries and societies to unite and seek for break-through.
Implementing scientific expertise on incretin biology and exceptional R&D capabilities with accumulated know-how, Hanmi is commencing H.O.P. (Hanmi Obesity Pipeline) project to provide proper solution for obesity management by expanding portfolio of not only peptide/protein-based drug design and formulation technology, but also digital therapy.
Hanmi envisions that future medicines derived from H.O.P. project will fully cover the areas of regulating obesity in terms of 1) efficient weight loss, 2) prevention of obesity, and 3) quality of weight loss management.

H.O.PHanmi Obesity Pipeline