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Dream of a global leader with a creative mind!
People with creative and challenging spirits!


Our People

Creative Hanmi People, Global Hanmi People, Elite Hanmi People
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Ten Elite Hanmi Virtues
  1. 01. People who respect and value principle
  2. 02. People who are active and creative
  3. 03. People who break stereotypes in the past
  4. 04. People who are patient, commit and eager to achievement
  5. 05. People who are trusted by sincerity and responsibility
  1. 06. People who value organization more than themselves
  2. 07. People who are willing to pay attention to everything
  3. 08. People who work deeply in everything
  4. 09. People who are enthusiastic about work
  5. 10. People who sweat for the best


Fair Evaluation, Salary, Fair Compensation
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Work & Life Balance

Hanmi Pharmaceutical implements a variety of welfare programs to ensure
the abundant and stable lifestyles of its employees and to improve the quality of life.

Process & Application

  1. STEP1. Document screening
  2. STEP2. First interview
  3. STEP3. Second interview
  4. STEP4. Final Pass

#1. Depending on the situation, the personality test can be proceed.

#2. International video interview and local interview are available.


If you want to work in Hanmi Pharmaceutical, please apply

Hanmi Pharmaceutical provides the opportunity to demonstrate individual competencies to the talented individuals
who have been recruited, assists in establishing and empowering talented individuals in their organizations,
and guarantees the best treatment for top talent without being bound by the existing HR system.

Spread your dreams and hopes in Hanmi Pharmaceutical, which values human resources.

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