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Hanmi's New Story

Soaring Towards a
Shared Future,
a New Chapter of Hanmi

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Korea's leading R&D-centric healthcare company.
We create never-before-seen innovation through bold challenges.

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Respect, Trust, Integrity

We lead the global healthcare industry
through Respect, Trust, and Integrity.

The Hanmi Way

No path started as a path.
We seek a better future for humanity on it.

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Focus on Making
Innovative Medicines

Hanmi Pharmaceutical is leading innovation in the
pharmaceutical industry with a sustainable R&D
infrastructure covering various therapeutic areas.


Developing best-in-class drugs for obesity,
non-alcoholic steatohepatitis,
and more with multiple mechanisms of action

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ESG Report

Hanmi ESG is Everyday-life Innovation

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Your dream is our future.
Hanmi awaits you.

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