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Creation and Innovation lie on
a path not taken by others.
That is the Hanmi-Way.

Discovering creation and innovation in a path not taken by others.

Pharmacist Sung-ki Lim greeting customers wearing a white gown and name tag in his Pharmacy


Hanmi Way Beginning

The birthplace of Hanmi Pharmaceutical was 'Sung-ki Lim’s Pharmacy' run by pharmacist Sung-ki Lim, the founder.

On June 15, 1973, pharmacist Sung-ki Lim acquired the license for 'Daedong Pharm', which owned only five types of medicines at the time and established 'Sung-ki Lim Pharmaceutical' with his name on it.

In July 1973, prior to the approval of the company’s first product, TS Powder, the company name was changed to ‘Hanmi Pharmaceutical’.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical recognizes the first Saturday in October, TS Powder’s approval date, as the official date of its founding rather than the date the company was legally registered.

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  • 1988

    Hanmi Pharm listed on Korean stock market

  • 1987

    Development of third-generation ceftriaxone antibiotic in injectable form

  • 1986

    Accreditation of KGMP standards on all drugs

  • 1985

    Synthesized cephalosporin antibiotics

  • 1984

    New construction of Paltan GMP plant located at Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Establishment of Hanmi Fine Chemical

  • 1983

    Making of company motto

    Establishment of Hanmi Fine Chemical Co., an affiliated company of Hanmi Pharm

  • 1978

    Making of company’s spirit ‘Creation, Diligence, and Challenge’

  • 1974

    Composition of sales force

  • 1973

    First launching of trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole powder

    Changed name to Hanmi Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd

    Establishment of Lim, Sung-ki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Hanmi R&D Conviction,
The Beginning of Innovation

In 1989, Hanmi Pharmaceutical signed an agreement with Roche of Switzerland to transfer the exclusive right to use ceftriaxone formulation technology.

This contract, which is recognized as Korea's first case of technology export, served as a decisive opportunity for Hanmi to have the conviction that 'R&D management' was the key.

From then on, Hanmi Pharmaceutical started R&D management in earnest according to Hanmi's philosophy of "Creating better medicines with our own hands".

It began to focus more on R&D, convinced that this could bring innovation to existing medicines, such as microemulsion technology.

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  • 1995

    Hanmi Fine Chemical receives BGMP certification

  • 1994

    Development of cyclosporin A for the 2nd time in the world

    Ground-breaking ceremony of Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    Technology transfer to Novartis (domestic market)

    Technology transfer to Novartis (foreign market)

  • 1993

    Completion of Hanmi Pharm.’s headquarters at Bangi dong

    New factory (synthesis plant) construction completed

    Accreditation for the establishment of Hanmi Fine Chemical Research Institute

  • 1989

    Technical transfer to Swiss-based Roche; process patent of ceftriaxone

    Completion of Hanmi Fine Chem.’s Shiwha plant under newly expanded construction


Hanmi R&D Expansion,
'R&D Management'

In 1997, with Korea suffering greatly in the midst of the IMF crisis, Hanmi Pharmaceutical signed a contract to export its independently developed microemulsion technology to Novartis, Switzerland, at a scale of $73 million, the largest amount in the pharmaceutical industry.

This contract gave Korean companies, and people struggling with the IMF confidence, hope, and comfort and served as an opportunity for people to experience tangible results that ‘R&D’ can contribute to the national economy beyond just one company.

Based on this, Hanmi Pharmaceutical focused more on its R&D management basis while expanding various R&D projects under development.

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  • 2003

    Registered Hanmi Photographic Museum with government

  • 2002

    Hanmi Pharm. Marks 30th anniversary of its founding.

    Changes name to Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Designation of Hanmi’s central research labs as ‘ICE GMP Technology Center’

    Establishment of Hanmi Foundation of Art & Culture

    Selected as a world-class product (ceftriaxone sodium)

  • 2001

    Completion of Hanmi GMP plant in Beijing

    Second in the world to develop oral antifungal agent ‘Itra tablet’

    Acquired U.S. patent for intermediate material (new thiazole compound and its manufacturing method)

  • 2000

    Successful development of oral anticancer drug Paclitaxel

  • 1998

    Making inroads into the European markets through acquisition of COS for the first time in Korea

    Successful production of G-CSF through transformed black goat ‘Medi’

    Obtained Korea's first European Pharmacopoeia Certificate of Conformity (CEP)

  • 1997

    Hanmi Pharm. breaks 100-billion-won barrier in sales

Commemorative event held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul to celebrate Hanmi's 30th anniversary (2003)


Speed Hanmi

Hanmi Pharmaceutical prepared for the introduction of the new policy to separate responsibility for the prescription and dispensing of drugs, which was enacted in 2001 and diversified its R&D-based prescription drug portfolio and experienced explosive growth every year.

By 2004, Hanmi, outside the top 10 in the industry sales rankings, leaped to become the top-selling company in the Korean pharmaceutical industry. At that time, 'Amodipin', an antihypertensive drug, was Korea's first incrementally modified drug and served as a stepping stone for the explosive growth of Hanmi Pharmaceutical.

Since then, Hanmi Pharmaceutical has continued to lead the Korean prescription drug market by continuously introducing competitive new drugs such as Maxibupen, Slimer, and Pidogul to the market.

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  • 2008

    Hanmi-Crystal genomics strategic alliance

    Korea's first sterile drug (Ceftriaxone Sodium) approved for marketing by the U.S. FDA

  • 2007

    KGMP approval on Cephalosporin finished product manufacturing facility in Pyeongtaek

    First launching of anti-obesity drug ‘Slimmer®’(sibutramine mesilate)

  • 2006

    Successful development of mexibufen syrup, using alternative salt

    Published clinical study for Amodipine®

    US FDA cGMP compliance certification

  • 2004

    Patent of Amodipine, a new salt form of Amlodipine, granted

    Successful development of Fedipine table, a 24hr controlled-release formulation of Nifedipine


Hanmi ‘Amosartan’ Opening the Way for
Fixed Dose

‘Amosartan’, an antihypertensive drug released by Hanmi Pharmaceutical in 2009, is the world’s first fixed-dose combination developed from Amlodipine and Losartan and is a product of innovation that has drastically changed the landscape of the Korean pharmaceutical market, which was previously centered around generics.

Amosartan recorded prescription sales of KRW 10 billion in the first year of its release, eliciting an explosive response from medical staff and patients.

The sensation of Amosartan has created a ‘combined drug’ trend in the Korean pharmaceutical market, and many leading Korean pharmaceutical companies are competing to develop complex drugs.

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  • 2014
    • Nov

      Hanmi new RFID reader, grand prize for national excellence patent award

      Phase 1 clinical trial of HM95573,a next-generation targeted therapy for melanoma treatment

    • Oct

      Beijing Hanmi, received 'Presidential Prize' at 2014 Korea well-respected corporate awards

      Received 'Minister Prize of Health and Welfare' at Sharing Korea awards

    • Sep

      Diabetes-obesity biologics, presented at EASD

    • Aug

      License agreement with Luye pharma group for targeted anti-cancer dug 'Poziotinib' in China

      Diabetes biologic, 'LAPS efpeglenatide', completed patient recruitment in phase IIb clinical trial

    • Jul

      Contract with Actavis for exporting a hyaluronic acid injection

      Hanmi opened the official blog 'Saranghanmida'

      Hanmi-Novartis, diabetes treatment 'Galvus' co-promotion

    • Jun

      Triaxone, obtained market authorization in 4 EU countries

      LAPSInsulin, weekly diabetes drug, presented at ADA

      Rheumatoid arthritis drug, HM71224, presented at EULAR

      The 8th Hanmi small and medium-sized hospital award, Seungwon Hong, Director of Daejeon Christian General Hospital

      Plant in Pyeongtaek awarded for joining PIC/S by Korea Food & Drug Administration

    • May

      Diabetes-obesity new drug (LAPS-GLP-1/GCG) enters into global phase 1

    • Apr

      Probiotics for kids in Beijing Hanmi, 'Mamiai' is registered as China Famous Trade Mark

      Decided to build an extension to the BioPlant in Pyeongtaek

      Received 'fair trade corporation' award by Fair Trade Commission

      Launched Fluterol, DPI type asthma treatment drug

    • Mar

      4th shareholders meeting of Hanmi Pharmaceuticals / 41st shareholders meeting of Hanmi Science

      License agreement with Access Pharmaceuticals for Korean commercialization of 'Mugard'

    • Feb

      Hanmi-MSD, mutual co-promotion agreement for the sales of 12 products

      Successful paid-in capital increase (1 million shares)

    • Jan

      Became the first listed pharmaceutical company to surpass 100 billion won in R&D

      Only one in the pharmaceutical industry to receive CP certificate (BBB grade)

  • 2013
    • Dec

      Dec HIMD for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Esomezol, launched in the United States

      Dec Hanmi- Sanofi launched Robelito, the first ARB-Statin combination drug in Korea

    • Nov

      Nov Hanmi launched Naxozol, a NSAIDs-PPI combination drug

    • Oct

      Targeted anti-cancer drug candidate, HM61713, presented recent clinical study during WCLC

      LAPS-Exendin4 progresses to Multi-National Phase IIb Clinical Studies

    • Sep

      Hanmi awarded best biotechnology corporation prize by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in recognition of LAPS-GCSF development

      RFID history management solution, KEIDAS, achieves 'GS1 EPCglobal' certification

    • Aug

      Study on Pidogul, anti-thrombotic drug, published in AJCD/Clinical Therapeutics

      Anti-reflux esophagitis, Esomezol, receives marketing authorization in the US through 505(b)2 procedure

    • Jul

      Targeted anti-cancer drug candidate, HM61713, enters multiracial Phase I study

      License agreement with Wakamoto for Korean commercialization of MaQaid

      Export Hanmi IMD (Esomezol, Amosartan, Pidogul), seven countries in SE Asia through DKSH

      Hepatitis C drug(LAPS-IFNα), Phase II underway in Latin America

      Chinese Hospital Pharmacists Association visits Hanmi headquarters and R&D center

      Hanmi melanoma treatment candidate, selected to receive government support

      Hanmi antibiotic powder injection, achieves the first EU GMP acquisition in the nation

      Hanmi rheumatoid arthritis drug, navigates Phase I of European trials.

    • Jun

      The 7th Hanmi small and medium-sized hospital award, Yutae Jeon, the CEO of Inbong Medical Association

      Hanmi-Sanofi Korea’s first request for approval, ‘ARB-statin’ a complex new drug

      Hanmi enters Phase 3 studies, natural new drug for abdominal obesity

    • May

      Hanmi receives the global ‘best RFID deployment’ award

      ‘Esomezol’ IMD of Nexium, apply for a first marketing authorization to the U.S. FDA

    • Apr

      Complex new drug ’Ibastin’ (hypertension + hyperlipidemia), manufacturing technique patent

      ‘Pidogul’ platelet aggregation, listed in international journals (Clinical Therapeutics)

      Hanmi global biopharmaceuticals ‘LAPS-GCSF’, enters Phase II in the U.S.

    • Mar

      Pharmacy-only energy drink, ‘Premium Recipe’ released

    • Feb

      12th annual essay prize award

      Nasal aerosol rhinitis treatment, ‘Moteson Plus’ released

      ‘Amosartan’ licensed in the three states of CIS and Uzbek

      1st Sound of Light sharing concert

      Global cancer new drug KX2-391, domestic clinical plunge

    • Jan

      Online Pharm enters automatic prescription equipment market

      'Fenocid' launched for the management of neutral fat

  • 2012
    • Dec

      Formulation patent for stabilization of targeted anticancer drug granted

      The 5th Hanmi Proud MD award, Dr. Muyeol Park (Goramdola hospital)

      Hanmi and Kainos collaborate on new drug development

    • Nov

      Appreciation plaque from the Korean Red Cross

      Fixed-dose combination 'Irbestin' collaboration with Sanofi

    • Oct

      Medicine donation for North Korean flood victims

      US patent granted for next generation antimycotics formulation

    • Sep

      Medicine donation to Pyongyang Mankyungdae Univ. Hospital

    • Aug

      LAPS-Exendin for type 2 diabetes, selected as a government supported project

      Launched low-dose erectile-dysfunction medication

    • Jul

      Launches PalPal Chew Tab. 50mg

      Selected as a Pharmaceutical Company of Innovation, by Ministry of Welfare

    • Apr

      In-licensing deal with SK Biopharmaceuticals for development and commercialization of Diazepam Nasal Spray

      Beijing Hanmi, accredited as 'R&D Center' by Beijing Government

      Received the CE mark for Hyalrheuma from UK SGS

    • Mar

      Hanmi-GSK, Collaboration agreement for FDC development

      Launched Koennasal spray (Hyalu acid+Dexpantenol)

      Hanmi Holdings changed name from Hanmi Holdings to Hanmi Science

      New anti-obesity, diabetes drug (HM47000), chosen as new drug development program by government

    • Feb

      The 11th Hanmi literature awards

      License agreement for anti obesity botanical drug (ALS-L1023)

      'Amosartan' published in international academic journals (BMC, AJCD, Clinical Therapeutics)

    • Jan

      LAPS-GCSF, Collaboration with Spectrum (US)

      Supply agreement for 13 OTC drugs with MEIC(Mongolia)

      LAPS-GCSF, Collaboration with Spectrum (US)

  • 2011
    • Dec

      Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s first shipment of ‘AMOSARTAN’ made to MSD

      Hanmi’s ‘ORASCOVERY’ technology, licensed out to USA

    • Nov

      Orphan drug designation for LAPS-rhGH applied for

      Amosartan clinical study is published in BMC Research Note

    • Oct

      Phase II study of long-acting human growth hormone in European territories

    • Jun

      Retail pharmacists answer that Hanmi's sales reps are the kindest and the most impressive

    • May

      Hanmi expands its licensing agreement with Merck

    • Apr

      Hanmi signs a collaboration agreement with Kinex to develop and market a novel anti-cancer drug candidate, KX-01

    • Mar

      Esomezol receives IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award from KOITA

      Hanmi's Amosartan ranked the second highest for detailing drugs

    • Feb

      Hanmi strengthens R&D with a new external collaboration unit

      Hanmi's Clopidogrel, approved in European countries

    • Jan

      Hanmi`s Esomezol wins IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award

      Filed letter with FDA for modified Esomeprazole Capsule

      R&D reinforcement with a new external collaboration unit (eR&D)

  • 2010
    • Dec

      Hanmi transfers entecavir synthetic methods to Hwail

      Beijing Hanmi wins Korea-China Corporate Management Grand Prize

    • Nov

      Hanmi showcases RFID system in 'RFID/USN KOREA 2010'

      UK MHRA recommends approval of Pidogul

    • Oct

      Hanmi submits IND application for Irbesartan-Atorvastatin combo

    • Sep

      Hanmi receives IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award from KOITA

    • Aug

      Hanmi initiates the clinical trials of Amosartan in Europe

      Hanmi ranks 1st in R&D investment among Korean pharmaceutical companies

      Hanmi submits IMPD in Europe for phase I clinical trials of LAPS-Exendin

    • Jul

      Amosartan, approved as the initial therapy among CCB+ARB hypertension combo drugs

      Hanmi submits IMPD in Europe for phase I clinical trials of LAPS-Exendin

    • Jun

      Hanmi wins the best drug research award from KDRA

    • May

      Phase I underway for Atorvastatin plus Aspirin fixed dose combination drug

    • Apr

      LAPSCOVERY Platform Technology obtains US Patents

    • Feb

      Amosartan ranked the highest for detailing drugs

      IND Application for long-acting human growth hormone approved

    • Jan

      KFDA Approves IND application of once monthly Exendin4 analog

  • 2009

    Co-promotion agreement with Lundbeck for Ebixa®, a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

    Amosartan®, an antihypertensive combination drug of Amodipine and Losartan, launched

    Co-promotion agreement with GSK in respiration-allergy area

Chairman Sung-ki Lim giving a speech at the Hanmi Open Innovation Forum held in January 2016


New Drug R&D Leading a Paradigm Shift in the R&D Ecosystem

In 2015 alone, Hanmi Pharmaceutical signed licensing agreements with six global pharmaceutical companies, including Sanofi and Janssen, to transfer technology for seven innovative new drug candidates at a scale of KRW 8 trillion.

Hanmi's innovative achievements, recorded in the largest new drug out-licensing contract in Korea, will lead to another innovation in the Korean biopharmaceutical industry ecosystem that is centered on R&D.

It also served as an opportunity to establish the 'Korean R&D' model, a step-by-step R&D strategy for Hanmi, from first generics to incrementally modified drugs, fixed-dose combinations, and innovative new drugs.Hanmi's R&D capabilities are further strengthened, through various types of open innovation.

Read More 2015 - 2022
  • 2022
    • Dec

      Acquisition of ‘AAA’ by the Fair Trade Commission for 4 consecutive years (first time in Korea)

      Launch of Korea’s first sustained-release PPI gastritis treatment ‘Esomezoldial 10mg’

      Inclusion of 'Rolvedon' by US NCCN in treatment guidelines for 32 cancer centers in the US

      Awarded 1st place in 2022 Korea Sustainability Competition, pharmaceutical industry sector, for 3 consecutive years

      Awarded the Minister Prize for Corporate Innovation by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

      Awarded the Minister Prize for Information Protection by the Ministry of Science and ICT

    • Nov

      Hanmi Science Merge with its affiliate Hanmi Healthcare

      Excellent Presentation Award for ‘hypertensive low-dose triple fixed-dose combination’ from the Korean Society of Hypertension

      Selection of immune anti-cancer drug under development HM16390, as a national new drug development task

      Confirmation of complete remission for 3 doses of ‘Tuspetinib’

    • Oct

      Awarded Best Human Resource Development Organization for 2 consecutive times

      Development of a ‘low dose-high blood pressure, triple fixed-dose combination’ for the first time in Korea

      Designation of LAPSTriple Agonist INN as 'efocipegtrutide' by the WHO

      Launch of neutropenia treatment ‘Rolvedon’ in the US

    • Sep

      US FDA Approval for the new bio-drug ‘Rolontis’

    • Aug

      Publication of the Rosuzet study ‘Racing’ in the July issue of ‘LANCET’, the world-leading medical journal

      Launch of ‘Closartan’, a combination of ‘Losartan + Chlorthalidone’ for hypertension treatment

    • Jul

      Pyeongtaek Bio Plant obtains ‘Best’ grade in PSM (Process Safety Management) evaluation

    • Jun

      Achievement of ‘20 cases’, the highest number of orphan drug designations, in Korea

    • May

      Launch of Amosartan in the Chinese market under the brand name ‘Meiyaping’

      Fast-track designation from the FDA for AML innovative new drug MKI(HM43239)

    • Apr

      Announcement of a next-generation anti-cancer drug at the AACR

    • Mar

      Launch of the world’s first ‘Esomeprazole + Magnesium Hydroxide’ FDC ‘Esomezol Plus’

      Launch of osteoarthritis treatment injection ‘Hyaluma’ in the US market

    • Feb

      Awarded the Korea New Drug Development Grand Prize for the new bio-drug ‘Rolontis’

    • Jan

      Strategic investment of KRW 24 billion in Spectrum

      Transfer of Chinese sales rights for innovative new ophthalmology drug ‘Luminate’ to Affamed

      1st rank for outpatient prescriptions for 4 consecutive years (Korea, based on UBIST)

  • 2021
    • Dec

      Hanmi Received the Presidential Award at the ‘Korea Brand Award’

      Poziotinib applied for FDA NDA approval

    • Nov

      Hanmi-Aptose, signed FLT3 Inhibitor License Agreement

      Hanmi Ranked No. 1 in the Sustainability Management Index for 2 consecutive years

      First biologic drug 'Rolontis' launches in Korea

    • Oct

      Hanmi founder Memorial Hall opened in the Seoul headquarters

      MD Anderson Cancer Center announces “the potential of poziotinib therapy”

      Lancet, a global medical journal, regards cardiovascular safety of ‘efpeglenatide’

    • Sep

      Clinical results of Poziotinib, listed in Journal of Clinical Oncology

      Pentambody applied drug, clinical results first published in China

      Rosuzet' launches 2.5mg low-dose product

    • Aug

      1st rank for outpatient prescriptions in the first half for 4 consecutive years

    • Jul

      Hanmi-Lego ChemBio jointly develop dual antibody ADC anticancer drug

      NIH visits Hanmi Fine Chemicals for on-site verification of mRNA competency

    • Jun

      Founder of Hanmi, 'Lim Seong-ki Foundation' launched

      Joint research on innovative new drug targeting lung cancer with Dankook University

    • May

      President Woo, received the Gold Tower medal of Industrial Merit on the Day of Invention

      Hanmi-Genexin, Covid 19 Vaccine Production Contract

      US FDA additionally designates LAPSTriple Agonist as an orphan drug

    • Apr

      AmosartanQ enters Russian Market

      US FDA designates LAPSGLP-2 Analog as a Fast Track

      Hanmi received a commendation from the Fair Trade Commissioner

    • Mar

      Opened Daycare Center for children of employees

      New biologic drug Rolontis, first approval in Korea

      US FDA designates Poziotinib as a Fast Track

      Rosuzet enters Mexico Market

    • Feb

      NASH Innovative Drug, awarded Korea New Drug Development Technology

      Rosuzet achieved No. 1 in sales of prescription drugs in Korea

      Launched the world's first 4 drug complex 'Amosartan XQ'

    • Jan

      1st rank for outpatient prescriptions for 3 consecutive years

      FDA approves Phase 2 clinical trial for two innovative drugs of Hanmi

      Launched the world's first Esomeprazole double delayed release 'Esomezoldial'

  • 2020
    • Dec

      Spectrum FDA pre-meeting succeeded, expected BLA application of'Poziotinib'

      Hanmi presented the results of AML treatment clinical trials HM43239 at ASH

      Athenex presented results of Oraxol Phase 3 clinical trials

    • Nov

      Hanmi-GC, aggreement on developing innovative new drugs in 'rare diseases'

      MFDS approved 'Amosartan XQ', world first 4-combination durg

    • Oct

      Hanmi awarded National Assembly Women and Family Chairperson Award

      JVM automatic dispensing machine 'NSP' launched in Norway

    • Sep

      Hanmi and MSD cooperation agreement on clinical trials and supply

      US FDA designates “Oraxol” for priority review

    • Aug

      Hanmi presented the results of LAPS Triple Agonist clinical trial at EASL

      Inauguration of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Song Young-sook

      Hanmi and MSD License Agreement of LAPS GLP/Glucagon(Efinopegdutide) to develop NASH Treatment

      Chairman Lim Seong-ki, founder of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, passed away

    • Jul

      Announced 2020 2Q earnings 243.4 billion won in sales, 19.8% R&D investment against sales

      Spectrum presents clinical trial results of Poziotinib Phase 2

      LAPS Triple Agonist receives designation for US FDA Fast Track

    • Jun

      LAPSGlucagon Analog receives FDA RPD designation

      LAPSGLP-2 Analog receives FDA RPD designation

      Spectrum presents clinical trial results of Rolontis at AACR

      Gugu' released in Japan as a BPH treatment

      Announced 6 new clinical trial results at ADA

      Released low-dose Amodipine(2.5mg)

      Spectrum presents Phase 2 clinical trial results of Oraxol

    • May

      Hanmi Healthcare donated 156,000 'Wanjun' soymilk

      Applies Rolontis BLA to the KFDA

    • Apr

      Launched 'LIVE Symposium 2020'

      Announced 2020 1Q earnings 288.2 billion won in sales, 19% R&D investment against sales

      Hanmi Pharmaceutical set up an audit committee

    • Mar

      LAPSTriple Agonist receives FDA RPD designation for PSC and PBC

    • Feb

      Announced 2019 earnings 1.16 trillion won in sales, 18.8% R&D investment against sales

      JVM Packaging System, Launched in Canadian Walmart

      Announced 2019 earnings 110.1 billion won, increased 6.3 percent on-year

      Hanmi announces the largest number of blockbuster products in 2019.

      Signed a partnership with GC to develop Rare Disease new drugs

    • Jan

      Announced achieving 'Top 1' market share of hypertension medication in Korea

      A Joint agreement with STANDIME on the Development for new drugs based on AI

      Hanmi unveiled new R&D strategy at 38th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

      Certified International Standard for business continuity Management System (ISO22301)

  • 2019
    • Dec

      Maintained CP-rated 'AA' for 6 years by the Fair Trade Commission

      39th blood donation, a total of 8,218 participanted

      Hanmi women's Association Hold 11th Charity flea market

      Hanmi Wins Prime Minister's Award for 'Korea's Loved Companies'

      Announced 2 new blood cancer drug at ASH

      Patent court ruled nullifying pirate trademark registration of 'PalPal'

      Hanmi Announced collaboration to develop FLX475 with RAPT

      The 18th Hanmi Cham Prize for the Yonsei Missionary center and the Amita Amrita Association of the Korea Buddhist Research Center

    • Nov

      PENTAMBODY Phase 1 clinical trial started

      Hanmi Science, North Gyeongsang Province-POSTECH-Pohang signed MOU

      Patent court ruled nullifying pirate trademark registration of 'palpal'

    • Oct

      Announced 2019 3Q earnings 265.7 billion won in sales, 20% R&D investment against sales

      Spectrum, reapply Rolontis BLA to the FDA

      The Korean Doctor Association awarded Hanmi with a merit prize

      Spectrum listed a clinical result of Poziotinib Posotinip study in the Kenssel medical journal

      JVM, extension of pouch-roll production plant

      Certified best institution for Human Resource Development (HRD) from government

    • Sep

      Atenex, Releases clinical result of Oraxol in ESMO

      Hanmi presents clinical trial results of Four clinical outcomes at EASD

      Amosartan, 11th clinical outcomes listed in the SCI-class international journal

      Signed a partnership with Phanes to develop dual and multiple antibodies

      Amosartan Plus-Q, first entered in Latin America market

      GMP inspectors from 10 Southeast Asian countries visited Paltan Smart Plant

      Spectrum, disclosed Poziotinib

      Hanmi selected as an Innovative pharmaceutical company ranking No. 1 in Korea and No. 12 in Asia

    • Aug

      Atenex Announce key clinical results of phase 3 clinical trial

    • Jul

      Announced 2019 2Q earnings 270.4 billion won in sales, 17% R&D investment against sales

      Spectrum added poziotinib cohort three study

    • Jun

      CEO Kwon Se Chang awared 'KASBP Appreciation Award’ at KASBP spring symposium

      Confirms global competitiveness innovative drugs for NASH, rare diseases and targeted anti-cancer

      Spectrum and Atenex Announce results of new drugs

      Spectrum presents clinical trial results of Belvarafenib at AACR

    • May

      Phase 3 results of “Rovelito” were published in the international journal

      Spectrum "'poziotinib’ global phase 2 cohort two study patient collection completed"

      Hanmi receives FDA orphan drug designation for treatment of short bowel syndrome

    • Apr

      JVM Packaging System, Launched in the Russian market

      Genetech presents 4 results of clinical trial at AACR

    • Mar

      Co-promotion agreement of ‘Diquas’ with Santen

      Received Seoul Metropolitan Government's Best Practices for Public Taxpayers

      Rovelito Released clinical results of Phase 4 in the international journal

    • Feb

      Hanmi Pharmaceutical-MPO, 7th concert was succesfully ended

      Hanmi Pharmaceutical set up an audit committee

    • Jan

      Announced 2018 earnings 1.16 trillion won in sales, 19% R&D investment against sales

      Certified International Standard for Information Protection Management System (ISO27001)

      Hanmi unveiled new R&D strategy at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

      Oraxol Global 3-phase patient collection completed

      Spectrum "'poziotinib’ global phase 2 cohort one study patient collection completed"

  • 2018
    • Dec

      JVM launches new pharmaceutical packaging machine that can speed up the automatic dispensing procedure and save wrapping paper

      LAPSCOVERY applied new bio drug Rolontis submitted for US FDA approval

    • Nov

      Europe’s No.1 Pharmacy chain adopts JVM ‘s automatic pharmaceutical packaging machine

      Hanmi conducts full-scale anti-smoking campaign at all its workplaces

    • Oct

      Hanmi presents clinical trial results of the treatments applied with LAPSCOVERY technology at EASD

      Athenex gets FDA nod for testing oral breast cancer treatment, Eribulin

      Hanmi receives FDA orphan drug designation for HM43239 in treatment of AML

    • Sep

      Spectrum unveils the latest interim results of the phase 2 clinical trial on ‘poziotinib’ at WCLC

    • Aug

      Monterizine Capsule phase 3 clinical test results featured in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics

    • Jul

      Releases phase 3 clinical result of Rolontis in an oral presentation at the MASCC

      Slated to market and sell Hugel’s Gugu-fill (Hyaluronic Acid Filler)

    • Jun

      Presents three next-generation anti-cancer drugs at ASCO

      Releases clinical results of Amosartan/Rovelito at ESH

      Launches Monterizine Chewable Tab for children

    • May

      Wins FDA nod for arthritis treatment ‘Hyalrheuma’

      Sanofi begins phase 3 trials of Hanmi’s diabetes drug candidate ‘efpeglenatide’

    • Apr

      Janssen starts phase 2 study on HM12525A, a biologic drug for the treatment of diabetes and obesity developed by Hanmi

      Unveils three new anti-cancer drug candidates at AACR

      Spectrum presents clinical trial results of poziotinib at AACR

      Wins FDA approval of LAPSTriple Agonist phase 1 clinical trial

      Oraxol gets orphan drug designation for angiosarcoma

      JVM, an affliliate of Hanmi awarded for excellence in corporate disclosure

      Spectrum publishes the trial results for poziotinib, a non-small-cell lung cancer treatment on Nature Medicine

    • Mar

      Hanmi Tams 0.4mg phase 3 clinical test results featured in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics

      Selected the short track speed skating gold medalist Kim Alang as its new model for Tenten, a chewable nutritional supplement

    • Feb

      LAPSGlucagon Analog receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation in congenital hyperinsulinemia

      Spectrum presents ‘Rolontis’ met the Primary Endpoint in the Phase 3 ADVANCE study… set to file BLA within 4Q

      Sanofi set to start two phase 3 clinical trials of efpeglenatide in 2018

      Received industry first ‘BPW Gold Award’ for promoting gender equality

    • Jan

      Promotes innovative drugs for NASH, rare diseases and targeted anti-cancer at JP Morgan event

      Reports 916.6 billion won in revenue in 2017, operating profit soars 212.3%

  • 2017
    • Dec

      Hosts employee-driven charity events to make kimchi to support underprivileged

    • Nov

      Adopts industry-first ISO 37001 to prevent illegal rebates and organizational corruption

      Sanofi starts phase 3 clinical trials on Hanmi’s diabetes treatment ‘efeglenatide’

      ‘Amosartan Q’ phase 3 clinical test results featured in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics

      JVM receives 2017 Korea Technology Awards for its automated drug management system ‘INTIpharm’

    • Oct

      Phase 3 results of ‘Amosartan Plus’ were published in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics

      Spectrum highlights poziotinib in at WCLC

      Releases hypertension-hyperlidipemia three-compound complex Amosartan Q(amlodipine +losartan+rosuvastatin)

    • Sep

      Presents the clinical trial results of NASH, rare diseases and targeted anti-cancer drug at EASD

      Released 3-compound hypertension drug ‘Amosartan Plus (losartan/amlodipine/chlortalidon)’

    • Aug

      Phase 3 results of ‘Gugutams’ were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

    • Jul

      Hanmi launched the first osteoporosis therapy in the world which combines SERM with Vitamin D

      Hanmi received approval of Amosartan Q, a hypertension-hyperlipidemia three-compound complex

      Hanmi’s Esomezol listed in U.S. drug encyclopedia

      Hanmi launched ‘Monterizine’, a combination drug for patients with both asthma and allergic rhinitis

      Registration of Esmezol in the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) for the first time as a domestic pharmaceutical company

    • Jun

      Hanmi presented its 2 candidate substance of biologic applied with ‘LAPSCOVERY’ at ADA

      Hanmi presented the clinical trial results of hypertension three-compound complex at EHS

      Hanmi won approval for Amosartan Plus, a 3 in 1 combination drug for hypertension

    • May

      Hanmi received approval of a 1st-phase clinical test of the combination therapy of RAF target anti-cancer drug HM95573

      'Monterizine', a first combination drug for asthma-rhinitis approved for sale in Korea

      Phase III trial results of 'Gugutams' presented at 2017 AUA

    • Apr

      ‘RaboneD’, a first combination drug of Raloxifene HCI and Cholecalciferol approved for sale in Korea

      Hanmi launched ‘Besigum’, a treatment for overactive bladder syndrome treatment

    • Jan

      Hanmi-MSD, signed an agreement to export “Rosuzet” to export to 23 countries

      Hanmi unveiled new R&D strategy at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

  • 2016
    • Dec

      Preclinical trial results of “HM95573 (pan-RAF inhibitor)” were presented at Europe Cancer Symposium

      Hanmi and Ajou University entered into a new anticancer drug development partnership for the development of a novel stem cell therapy

      Hanmi launched Korea’s first urological combination drug for prostatic hypertrophy and erectile dysfunction “Gugutams”

    • Nov

      Phase 3 results of “Rovelito” were published in the international science journal

    • Sep

      Phase 3 clinical trial results of tamsulosin-tadalafil combined treatment “Gugutams” won the best subject award at the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)

      Hanmi signed an exclusive license agreement with Genentech for a Novel Oral RAF inhibitor

    • Aug

      Phase 3 results of “Rosuzet” were published in the international science journal

    • Jul

      Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group to establish venture capital firm ‘Hanmi Ventures’

      Hanmi presented the research results of long acting diabetes-obesity medicines at 2016 ADA

      Hanmi Science acquires medication management automation company JVM

    • Jun

      Hanmi presented the clinical trial results of two targeted anti-ancer drugs at 2016 ASCO

    • Apr

      Hanmi wins presidential citation for playing model role in promoting compliance program

      Hanmi Science purchases land in Yantai Economic & Technological Development Zone in China

    • Mar

      Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 Breast Cancer Trial for Poziotinib, a Novel Pan-HER Inhibitor

      Hanmi launches Prostatic Hyperplasia medication ‘Hanmi Tams 0.4mg’

      Hanmi launches antiviral medication ‘Hanmi Flu’

    • Feb

      Hanmi sales reach record high of KRW 1.3175 trillion

      Hanmi attends JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, presenting new R&D projects

    • Jan

      Hanmi founder and chairman, Lim Sung-ki gives away shares worth KRW 110 bil. to employees

  • 2015
    • Dec

      Hanmi launches oral wound rinse ‘MuGard’ for cancer patients

      3rd-generation EGFR TKI, HM61713(Olmutinib), receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation in lung cancer

      Spectrum Announces Agreement with FDA on the Special Protocol Assessment(SPA) for the Registrational Trial of eflapegrastim, a Novel, Long Acting G-CSF in Patients with Breast Cancer

    • Nov

      Hanmi and Sanofi Announce License Agreement To Develop Portfolio of Long-Acting Diabetes Treatments

      Hanmi and ZAI Lab execute a license agreement to develop novel EGFR targeted therapy for lung cancer in China

      Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Submits Phase 2 Breast Cancer Protocol to FDA as Part of an Investigational New Drug(IND) Application for Poziotinib

      Hanmi launches new dual-action hyperlipidemia drug 'Rosuzet'

      Hanmi Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Develop a Novel Biologic for Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity

    • Oct

      Hanmi set new record in sales in Q3

      Hanmi Enters Agreement with Serenus Bio to Bring Combination Therapy to Fight off Hypertension in Africa

    • Sep

      Hanmi presented the results of Efeglenatide's Phase IIb clinical trial at 2015 EASD

    • Aug

      Hanmi Enters Research Collaboration for a Next Generation Biologic Drug with a Bio-Venture

    • Jun

      Hanmi presented 3rd-generation EGFR TKI, HM61713 at 2015 ASCO

      Hanmi to Present its New Diabetes Drugs Including Quantum Project at 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions

    • Apr

      Hanmi builds “Global Smart Facility” for Export of Finished Products

    • Mar

      Licensed out ‘Poziotinib’ (targeted anticancer agent) to Spectrum Pharma in US

      Beginning US Phase Ⅲ clinical trial for its osteoarthritis medicine Hyalrheuma

      Licensed out immunological therapy ‘HM71224’ to Eli lilly (Deal size : 780 bil won)

      Started phase 2 clinical trial of new antibody target lung cancer drug, HM61713

      Presented a new long-acting human growth hormone drug (LAPSrhGH) at the endocrine society conference

    • Feb

      Initiated phase I clinical trial of first in class weekly insulin in US

      Targeted anti-cancer agents Poziotinib, goes on phase 2 to expand indications for Breast cancer

    • Jan

      CP Grade impoved from BBB to A

      Participated in JP Morgan healthcare conference

      $20 million strategic investment with Allegro Ophthalmics (ophthalmic Bioventure)

      Initiated phase I clinical trial of first in class weekly insulin in US

      35th Blood Drive...a total of 4,883 people participated

      Co promotion agreement of ‘Godex’ with Celltrion


Begin Again Global Hanmi

The death of Chairman Sung-ki Lim, the founder of Hanmi Pharm, in August 2020 has become the beginning of another innovation and challenge to prepare for the next 50 years of Hanmi.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical continues to maintain the philosophy of the founder, who devoted his life to R&D and new drug development, while concentrating all of the company’s capabilities on enhancing the global competitiveness of the overall healthcare industry for a healthy life and a better future for humanity.

Read More 2023
  • 2023
    • Dec

      The 22nd Hanmi Cham Prize for the Director Hyunjung Bae and Seoul Physicians Society Medical Volunteer Team

      Aptose presented of 'tuspetinib' clinical data at ASH

      Acquisition of ‘AAA’ by the Fair Trade Commission for 5 consecutive years (First time in Korea)

      Selection of Hanmi Pharmaceutical as an excellent company for the 'Supply Payment Linkage System'

      Online Pharm and signed MOU for the expansion of online business

    • Nov

      Surpassing 1 trillion won in cumulative sales in the 3Q, achieving the highest-ever performance

      Presentation of clinical research results on 'Belvarafenip' at the European Oncology Association

      Presentation of research results on the immune regulation anticancer innovative drug(HM16390) at the Immunotherapy Society

      R&D organization restructuring centered around ‘Disease’

      Awarded 1st place in 2023 Korea Sustainability Competition, pharmaceutical industry sector, for 4 consecutive years

    • Oct

      Exclusive launch of 'Abiteron Tablet’, a prostate cancer treatment containing the active ingredient Abiraterone, for the first time in Korea

      Presentation of the innovative drug LAPSGlucagon Analog(HM15136) at the CHI(Congenital Hyperinsulinism) Patient Association ceremony

      Presentation of research results on the innovative drug SOS1 inhibitor(HM99462) targeting KRAS mutation cancer at AACR-NCI-EORTC

      Domestic Phase 3 Clinical Trial Approval for 'GLP-1 Obesity Treatment' tailored for Koreans

      Received the 8th Asia Gender Equality Index Award

      Presentation of advanced clinical data on the AML innovative drug 'Tuspetinib' at the ESH

      IFPMA visited Hanmi Pharmaceutical's Pyeongtaek Bioplant

    • Sep

      Hanmi launches ‘Sita-Sildapafamily’ for diabetes treatment based on ‘Sitagliptin’ and ‘Dapagliflozin’

      Operation of the ‘H.O.P(Hanmi Obesity Project)’ as a future growth engine

      Presentation of research results on the treatment of Short bowel syndrome (HM15912) at ESPEN

    • Aug

      Publishment of fourth sub-analysis results of the Rosuzet study ‘Racing’ in the 'JAMA Cardiology'

      Approval of the domestic clinical trial plan for the next-generation immune anticancer agent(BH3120) through 'PENTAMBODY'

    • Jul

      Hanmi launches ‘Closartan’, a combination drug for high blood pressure with a low-dose diuretic

      The clinical study on a 4-drug combination was published in the ‘American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs’

      Announced 2023 1Q earnings 703.9 billion won in sales, 8.1% growth compared to the same period last year

    • Jun

      Online Pharm HMP Mall becomes the first pharmacy e-commerce service to receive ISMS certification

      US FDA designates 'Efinopegdutide' as a Fast Track for MASH treatment

      Presentation of research results on a new drug for the treatment of rare diseases based on LAPSCOVERY at ENDO

      Hanmi presented the research results of ‘Efocipegtrutide’ for the treatment of MASH at EASL

    • May

      New approval for ‘Closartan’, a combination drug for high blood pressure with a low-dose diuretic (Korea)

      Recommendation by IDMC to continue the global phase 2 clinical trial of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's NASH treatment

      Rolvedon achieved 1Q net sales $15.6 million in the US

      Canadian Pharmaceutical&Bio delegation visited Pyeongtaek Bioplant

      The 17th Hanmi small and medium-sized hospital award, Director Kyuhyung Jeong

      Hanmi launches ‘Nocotine’ for quit-smoking, through in house production

      Hanmi presented the research results of ‘Efocipegtrutide’ at ATS

      Publishment of the third sub-analysis results of the Rosuzet study ‘Racing’ in ‘eClinicalMedicine’(Lancet’s stablemate)

    • Apr

      Introduction of 7 research projects, the largest number of cases in Korea, at the AACR

      Publishment of Rosuzet sub-study ‘Racing’ results in the 'American Heart Association'

      Launch of SGLT2i-type dapagliflozin-based diabetes treatment ‘Dapalon Family’

      Achievement of KRW 361.7 billion in sales and KRW 60.5 billion in operating profit, a 48% increase in the first quarter

    • Mar

      Participation in ‘2023 Bio Europe Spring Conference’

      13th general meeting of shareholders, appointment of Jae-Hyun Park as the new CEO of the Manufacturing Division

    • Feb

      Recorded record sales of KRW 1,331.7 billion

      Ranked 1st for outpatient prescriptions for 5 consecutive years (Korea, based on UBIST)

    • Jan

      Publication of the results of the sub-analysis of the Rosuzet study ‘Racing’ in the ‘European Heart Journal’

      Presentation of the New Year Management Slogan, ‘New 50 years, Global Hanmi!’