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Hanmi ESG is
‘Everyday Innovation’.

Passion for
Stone Face.

The American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) published “The Great Stone Face” in 1850. The story follows the life of a boy who reflects on himself in search of utopia, adopting a sincere and humble attitude to become a better person.

The ESG pursued by Hanmi closely resembles the life of the boy plowing ahead a ‘Great Stone Face’ while recalling the ‘Noble mission for humanity’, an exclusive property of the healthcare industry.

Hanmi's ESG is a little everyday innovation and the central axis of sustainable management.

Hanmi Group's business philosophy is our solemn promise to uphold the value of ESG management: "Make better medication for the nobility of human life, put true heart for the hope of each person, and work hard for self-growth and social service."