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Bispecific antibody platform technology

Penta amino acid mutated bispecific antibody
PENTAMBODY is a next generation, bispecific antibody platform technology developed by Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., a subsidiary of Hanmi. This platform allows the antibody to simultaneously bind two different targets for both immuno-oncology therapy and targeted therapy. It possesses natural IgG-like antibody structure, therefore demonstrating good stability and other important natural IgG-like biophysical properties. Multiple bispecific antibodies using PENTAMBODY are being developed by Hanmi.
  • Next generation bispecific antibody platform technology

    • Maximize Therapeutic Synergies
    • Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy
    • Enhanced Stability and Manufacturability
  • Seeking collaboration opportunities

    • Pentambody + Novel target
    • Pentambody Platform Technology Licensing