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Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Social Contribution is Empowered by ‘Sustainable CSR’

Social Contribution empowered by 'Sustainable CSR'

To walk together (同行).
What does "walk together" mean?
To walk together truly is the union of hearts(合) in harmony with the values of consideration, respect, coexistence, and trust. Walking together, no one falls behind as we support and depend on each other, sailing towards the same destination. Our social contribution has its roots in Hanmi's management philosophy, 'Respect for Humanity.'
“For Hanmi, 'New Drug Development' and 'Social Contribution' are the best ways of learning the value of Companionship.”
'New Drug' and 'Social Contribution' make the Hanmi Way

Hanmi's 'Sustainable CSR' is more than just an act of benevolence. We create a powerful driving force for social contribution by emphasizing the value of a co-existing life that respects and considers one another.