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We strive to establish transparent transaction orders and choose the 'right path' through fair competition.

Transparent transaction orders & Fair competition.

Chief Executive Officer Jae-Hyun Park Declaration of Compliance
Chief Executive Officer Jae-Hyun Park
“The first step for the upcoming 50 years begins with truthful and ethical management.”
Hanmi Pharmaceutical's management slogan for 2023 is ''New 50 years, Global Hanmi!''
As the new 50th year approaches, Hanmi Pharmaceutical has achieved remarkable growth, recording the highest performance since its founding based on continuous challenges and ethical management.

In addition, we have become the first domestic company to lead an exemplary corporate culture by maintaining the highest CP rating, AAA, for five consecutive years. All of this was possible thanks to the hard work of the Hanmi family; thank you.
We must prioritize sustainable management to accelerate our leap to a higher level. If we have laid the foundation for ethical management, we must continue practicing it through genuine efforts.

Building trust with stakeholders through ethical and compliance management and achieving a truthful performance based on that trust is the sustainable management that our society pursues and the basis of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's management.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical strives to strengthen the will of executives and employees to practice ethical management and spread CP culture through the ''Compliance Day'' held on April 1st every year. We also conduct annual internal and external effectiveness evaluations of Compliance Program and continue supporting and managing our partner companies. We will work harder to become a company that coexists with others based on mutual trust.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical's ethical management will be the beginning of 50 brilliant years. We ask for more active participation, interest, and continuous practice from our Hanmi family as we promise to take the lead in ethical management more than anyone else.

Thank you.

We will do our best to conduct ethical
management that meets the industry's
highest CP rating, 'AAA'

Compliance Officer
Declaration of Ethical
Management Practice

As a result of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's ceaseless efforts to establish an ethical management culture, Hanmi Pharmaceutical has maintained a CP rating of 'AAA(highest level)' for five consecutive years, becoming the first domestic company to do so. This is a significant achievement for us as we begin the new 50th year.

Thanks to the interest and practice of our executives and employees, Hanmi Pharmaceutical's CP has received excellent evaluations and gained the trust of many stakeholders.

Still, instead of being complacent, we strive to take this to another level. We are constantly developing our compliance program through systems such as CP newsletter publication, cyber CP zone operation, CP training, CP monitoring, risk assessment, preliminary advisory system, CP Advisory Committee operation, andinternal control over financial reporting system

Dear Hanmi Pharmaceutical executives and employees, while ethical management has been recognized and spread as a culture, now is the time to advance it with active participation and interest and continue practicing it. Accordingly, we ask all executives and employees to comply strictly with the provisions below.
As CP director, I will do my best to ensure Hanmi Pharmaceutical executives' and employees' efforts to create 'New 50 Years, Global Hanmi!' bear fruit. Let us all continue to work together with pride as a company that practices exemplary ethical management.

Thank you

Compliance Program Officer Hyunsoo Kim

Ethic Ch.1. Employees' Basic Ethics

Hanmi’s Missions
  1. Maintain integrity and fair attitudes with pride, as members of Hanmi.
  2. Always strive to maintain individual personal dignity and the company’s honor, with high ethical values.
  3. Think about potential problems when performing their jobs, decide what to do, and report to their supervisors.
  4. Sincerely fulfill each of their missions in accordance with the company's vision and policy.
  5. Increase work efficiency through active cooperation and communication between colleagues and departments.
Hanmi’s Commitment for
Fair Business Practices
  1. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
    • Avoid any behavior or relationship that conflicts with the interests of the company and individuals.
    • Intercessions, mediations, and solicitations for the benefit of oneself or others that interfere with the fair performance of other employees.
  2. Create a Healthy Organizational Atmosphere
    • Never perform any action in the workplace that makes others feel sexually humiliated, uncomfortable, or disgusted by a sexual behavior.
    • Any act inflicting physical or mental pain on others by using one’s own status or relationship advantage in the workplace is strictly prohibited.
    • Seniors should not give subordinates instructions to promote the interests of themselves or third parties, in violation of company laws or regulations.
    • Do not use any word or practice, such as financial transactions, violence, and discrimination, that harms sound colleague relationships.
    • Strive to create an organizational culture of coexistence and coprosperity based on mutual trust and transparent communication.
Hanmi’s Commitment
to Prevent Corruption
  1. Prohibition of the Private Use of, and Profiting off of, Company Properties
    • Employees shall not use their positions or authority directly to gain unfair profits for themselves or others.
    • Company property shall not be used without permission or for one’s personal benefit, and no damage should be inflicted on company property by using it, or moneys from budgets for any other purpose than that intended.
  2. Obligation to Protect Job-related Information
    • Transactions of marketable securities shall not be made or provided to others using undisclosed information obtained through performing work.
    • Do not inquire about or request other employees for information unless you are allowed to collect the information.
    • The company’s confidential information, and personal information learned through work, are protected and managed in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations.
  3. Prohibition of Bribery
    • Do not receive any money or bribes from a person related to your job, or your work-related colleague, in regards to your work.
    • Do not receive or offer any money or bribers in relation to jobs with overseas corporations or public officials, and comply with overseas laws such as the Overseas Anti-Corruption Practices Act and the British Bribery Act.
    • Do not deviate from usual customs for the expenses of family occasions/events, gifts, and meals.