What is LAPSCOVERYTM? Long Acting Protein / Peptide Discovery Platform Technology

Longer Duration:Monomeric form helps to reduce receptor mediated clearance,Monomeric form helps to reduce receptor mediated clearance|Efficacy up Safety down:Flexible linker minimizes loss of intrinsic activity,Monomeric form helps to reduce RMC,Highest bioavailability reduce dose level

Biologics have a short half-life when administered to the human body. This results in the need for frequent injections and inconvenience to patients. LAPSCOVERY™ (Long Acting Protein/Peptide Discovery) is a platform technology that prolongs the duration of action of biologics and makes it possible for once-weekly or monthly drug administration.

Hanmi’s LAPSCOVERY™ technology prolongs the residence time of a biologic and also minimizes the frequency of treatment and dose required, thereby leading to potential optimized efficacy and reduced adverse events.

New Biologics+LAPS Covery=Next Generation Products