Cancer Research

Hanmi is developing various innovative anticancer therapies that include the mutation-driven therapy, chemotherapy, bispecific antibodies, epigenetics, and immuno-oncology therapies. With these promising pipelines and their diverse combinations, Hanmi is trying to overcome this most complex disease for patients worldwide.

Mutation-Driven (pan-Her, RAF, FLT3)
  • Mutation-driven inhibits the oncogenic signaling, cell proliferation and cells expressing the mutant proteins
Immuno-Oncology (IL-2, CCR4)
  • Immuno-oncology uses the body immune system to help fight cancer
Epigenetics (EZH1/2)
  • Epigenetics controls in gene expressions that do not result from alterations in the DNA sequence
Chemotherapy (Alkylating, Antimetabolites, Antimitotic)
  • Chemotherapy inhibits DNA synthesis and cell proliferation
Antibodies (Bispecific antibody)
  • A bispecific antibody is designed to bind to two different epitopes, either on the same or on different targets (developed by Beijing Hanmi Reseach Center)