Social Contribution

We are engaged in various social contribution activities to communicate positive impacts to communities and stakeholders.

Creating social value through sharing

We at Hanmi Pharmaceutical have conducted a blood donation campaign based around love under our annual campaign to show unwavering love for our neighbors. The blood donation campaign is a sharing event for Hanmi Pharmaceutical's longest-serving employees. Hanmi Pharm also does volunteer work for underprivileged people. The Hanmi Wives Association is raising funds to help the underprivileged.

Employee Volunteering Activities

Since 1981, Hanmi Pharm has been organizing volunteer work activities through 'Chungloghoe', an intra-company female employee networking club, in a bid to create social value through sharing. In 2017, however, this activity was expanded to allow all company employees to participate in volunteer work activities. Our periodic volunteer work activities are especially concerned with underprivileged groups such as elderly people living alone and children from impoverished households.

  • Cumulative number of participants

    1,334 people

  • Cumulative volunteering hours

    4,884 h

  • Cumulative volunteering places


Blood Donation Activities

We at Hanmi Pharm have been involved in blood donation campaigns and activities for the longest period of time among all domestic pharmaceutical companies. In November 1980, Chairman Lim Sung-ki, the founder of Hanmi Pharm, opened the ‘house of blood donations’ at the City Hall subway station in Seoul. This became the catalyst in 1981 for starting our company’s ‘Blood Donation of Love’ campaign. Ever since then, through the Korea Blood Disease and Cancer Association, the blood donation cards donated by employees have been sent to organizations and individuals who are experiencing difficulties due to a lack of blood. ‘Blood Donation of Love’ is one of Hanmi Pharm’s most significant social contribution activities and has its own New Year kickoff ceremony.

  • Cumulative volume of donated blood

    2,914,560 cc

  • Cumulative number of participants

    9,108 people

  • Cumulative years of operation

    42 years

Donated blood card
  • Cumulative number of donated blood cards 2,540
  • Number of blood donation cards in possession 1,793
Hanmi Wives Association

Launched in 2009, the Hanmi Wives Association Charity Bazaar is a regular social contribution event from Hanmi Pharm organized by the family members of company executives. The proceeds collected through the bazaar are used to fund projects related to the rehabilitation of homeless people and an education program geared toward youngsters.

Employee Welfare Point Donations

Since 2018, Hanmi Pharm has been running a donation program called the ‘Points Donation Program’ to spread a voluntary and heartwarming donation culture among our employees. This is a company-wide internal program in which employees can donate their welfare points, which are then added to our company’s matching fund and given as cash donations directly to people in dire need of assistance. Included in this group of people are single parent households, children with disabilities, and infants suffering from rare diseases.

  • Cumulative No. of Participation

    1,302 people

  • Cumulative No. of Donated Points

    51,269,848 KRW

  • Cumulative No. of Recipients

    15 people