Win-Win Management

We strive to manage transparent and sound supply chain for win-win cooperation.

Trade Rules

Hanmi Pharmaceutical is making efforts to manage its supply chain in a transparent and sound manner. The growth of Hanmi Pharmaceutical is a result of the interest and love of many stakeholders, including customers, partners, and communities, along with the growth engine through R&D investment. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will work together for the value of cooperation, co-exist with its partners and communities.

4 Major Fair Trade Rules
  • Conclusion of an Agreement for Mutual Cooperation Prevention of violation of the principle of freedom of contract due to the abuse of bargaining power, and the establishment of reasonable and fair trading practices
  • Fair Selection & Operation of Partners Ensure transparency and fairness
  • Issuing & Keeping Correct Documentation Recognition of written documents under the "Act on the Fairness of Subcontracting" and facilitating the exercising of the rights and obligations thereunder
  • Advance Prevention of Unfair Trade through Operating an Internal Review Committee Establish an internal review committee for subcontracts
Hanmi Pharm’s Code of Ethics on Purchasing
  1. There shall be no consideration other than the profit of the company when trading with a supplier.
  2. Employees shall not engage in any act of collusion that may affect decision making when carrying out purchasing activities with a supplier.
  3. The selection and registration of a customer shall proceed in a rational manner and be based on objective and impartial evaluation standards.
  4. Trading shall be based on the principle of fair competition, while personal connections such as school ties and regionalism shall be excluded.
  5. Employees shall neither accept unauthorized client entertainment nor personal presents of any kind from any supplier.
  6. Employees shall not engage in unfair behavior of any form that would take advantage of our superior position and authority when trading with a supplier.
  7. Employees shall never disclose important information about our company.
  8. Employees shall not make any false report and shall always respect the principle of transparency in all purchasing activities.
  9. Employees shall remind counterparts that if a company is found to have given a personal present or hosted a member of our company, the transaction will be suspended immediately.
  10. If any of the above principles is violated, I will readily accept any punishment imposed by the company.
Meetings and Supplier Training
Date Participants Organizer Contents
05.10.2019 20
(18material suppliers)
Raw Material Team Hanmi Pharm’s production and delivery of materials
QA Team Material quality requirements and global trends
CP Team Self-compliance with fair trade
09.04.2019 42
(44construction suppliers)
CP Team Compliance program training provided to partners
Purchase Support Team Plan to operate tender systems for each construction sector