Ethical Management

Compliance Program

Hanmi’s Code of Conduct

Hanmi strives to become a global company based on the spirit of creation and challenge for its management philosophy of “Respect for Human Life” and “Value Creation”. While the Code of Conduct does not provide all answers to the question “What is right?”, it will be a basic guideline for helping employees always make the right decision and judge values by recognizing and reviewing problems. The commitment of Hanmi protects individual personal dignity and the company's honor by complying with the law, making ethics its core elements.

Ethic Ch.5 Supplementary Rules
  • Duties and Obligations
    1. Be familiar with and comply with the Code of Conduct and take responsibility for any violations.
    2. The CEO, executives, and department heads are responsible for managing and supervising their employees’ compliance with the code of conduct.
    3. The company shall regularly conduct training and require oaths from employees, to comply with the code of conduct.
  • Rewards and Disciplinary Actions
    1. The CEO can make evaluations and reward employees who have observed the code of conduct and contributed significantly to establishing ethical management.
    2. The CEO can take necessary disciplinary actions according to the company's regulations on employees who have violated the code of conduct.
  • Establishment of Department and Committee for Ethical Management
    1. The CEO is responsible for establishing a dedicated department or a committee to facilitate ethical management and implement the code of conduct.
    2. The CEO shall establish and operate a dedicated department and committee to maintain Compliance Officers’ ethical management.
  • Reporting Violations and Counseling
    1. Anyone who finds out about a violation of the code of conduct shall inform a Compliance Officer, without delay.
    2. The confidentiality of report contents and the reporter’s identity is guaranteed, and no disadvantages will be applied.
    3. Compliance Officers can carry out counseling about violations of code of conduct and take necessary measures to facilitate reporting and counseling.

This Code of Conduct will be enforced as of May 1, 2020 and the Ethics Charter and Code of Ethics enacted on October 1, 2014 will be abrogated