Ethical Management

Compliance Program

Hanmi’s Code of Conduct

Hanmi strives to become a global company based on the spirit of creation and challenge for its management philosophy of “Respect for Human Life” and “Value Creation”. While the Code of Conduct does not provide all answers to the question “What is right?”, it will be a basic guideline for helping employees always make the right decision and judge values by recognizing and reviewing problems. The commitment of Hanmi protects individual personal dignity and the company's honor by complying with the law, making ethics its core elements.

Ethic Ch.4 Bioethics
  • Hanmi’s Commitment to Protect Human Dignity and Values
    1. Respect people as our top priority and strive to achieve personal happiness and build the common good, based on humanistic values.
    2. Faithfully fulfill the duties of a pharmaceutical company working to improve human health, and develop the innovative spirit of creation and challenge.
    3. Do not provide products or services that infringe human dignity and values, or cause harm to the human body, and do the best for bioethics and safety.
  • Hanmi’s Commitment the Safety of Pharmaceutical Products
    1. Thoroughly manage pharmaceutical raw materials and continuously inspect the manufacturing environment, for the highest pharmaceutical safety.
    2. Protect patient safety by continuously collecting, evaluating, managing, and reporting the safety data of pharmaceutical products.