Ethical Management

Compliance Program

Hanmi’s Code of Conduct

Hanmi strives to become a global company based on the spirit of creation and challenge for its management philosophy of “Respect for Human Life” and “Value Creation”. While the Code of Conduct does not provide all answers to the question “What is right?”, it will be a basic guideline for helping employees always make the right decision and judge values by recognizing and reviewing problems. The commitment of Hanmi protects individual personal dignity and the company's honor by complying with the law, making ethics its core elements.

Ethic Ch.3 Ethics for All Customers
  • Hanmi’s Commitment for All Customers
    1. Always strive to find true value through innovation and creativity.
    2. Strive to provide high-quality medicines and services and satisfy all customers through technology development and quality enhancement.
    3. Always respect customers, listen from their perspectives, and handle complaints and suggestions promptly and fairly.
  • Hanmi’s Commitment for Shareholders and Investors
    1. Profit Protection
      • Do the best to protect the interests of shareholders and investors through continuous growth and development.
    2. Guarantee of Rights
      • Respect legitimate demands and suggestions and actively reflect them to management.
      • Information shall be disclosed transparently, as a matter of course, so that shareholders and investors can make reasonable judgments.
  • Hanmi’s Commitment for the Transparency and Trust of Financial Management
    1. Transparency in Financial Management
      • The company's financial information must be accurately recorded and managed, in accordance with relevant laws and internal controls.
      • Employees shall not make false or exaggerated reports for the benefit of specific individuals or departments and shall not conceal or monopolize important information.
    2. Providing Sincere Information
      • Any financial information shall not be leaked, divulged, or used improperly without the prior permission or approval of the supervisor in charge.
      • Reliable management information about management, such as business activities, financial status, and performance, shall be disclosed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.