Ethical Management

Compliance Program

Hanmi’s Code of Conduct

Hanmi strives to become a global company based on the spirit of creation and challenge for its management philosophy of “Respect for Human Life” and “Value Creation”. While the Code of Conduct does not provide all answers to the question “What is right?”, it will be a basic guideline for helping employees always make the right decision and judge values by recognizing and reviewing problems. The commitment of Hanmi protects individual personal dignity and the company's honor by complying with the law, making ethics its core elements.

Ethic Ch.2 Fair Competition & Trade
  • Hanmi’s Commitment for Fair Competition
    1. Pursuit of Free Competition
      • Respect the market economy and pursue fair competition, in good faith, based on mutual respect for competitors, in accordance with the principles of free competition.
      • - Strive to contribute to the development of a fair society without corruption by improving the fairness and reliability of transactions, following the principles of anti-corruption and fair competition.
    2. Compliance
      • Continuously strive to ensure that all employees voluntarily comply with relevant laws and regulations by running a Fair Trade Compliance Program.
      • Strive to secure a fair order for medicine distribution by observing Fair Competition Regulations and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and drug transactions, to avoid unfair ways of attracting customers.
      • Continuously promise that Hanmi's growth is based transparent, ethical management as well as individual employees’ compliance with the Fair Trade Compliance Program.
  • Hanmi’s Commitment for Fair Trade
    1. Compliance
      • Do not impose unfair trading conditions on business partners or make unfair demands, such as business interference.
      • Do not use a position on a business transaction to obtain an unfair advantage or to provide convenience for reward.
      • Give equal opportunities for participation to all qualified business partners in entering a business contract.
      • Fully discuss the terms and procedures of all transactions and comply with the confidentiality of mutual business.
      • Respect the intellectual property of others and do not commit any infringement such as its unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or alteration.
    2. Establishment of Coexistence and Coprosperity with Business Partners
      • Build mutually beneficial relationships on the basis of mutual trust with business partners and recognize them as strategic partners.
      • Pursue mutual development with business partners and cooperate with them.