About Hanmi

한미약품은 창조와 도전을 기치로 신약개발에 매진하는 R&D중심 제약기업입니다.


회사 사진
Foundation Date 1973.6.15(Spin off on 2010.7.5)
President & CEO Jae-Hyun Park
Total Sales 1.13 trillion won(K-IFRS)
R&D Investment 209.8 billion won (18.8% of total sales)
Employee 2,419
Creativity & Innovation
Hanmi jumps up to be a global leading pharmaceutical company with development of new biologics, new chemical entities, and innovative new drugs. The slogan of Hanmi is 'creation and challenge' as Hanmi tries to make new ways for the domestic pharmaceutical market. We have started a distribution revolution with RFID technology,the nation's very first success of US expansion with IMD, and R&D collaboration with global companies.
FDC technology
Hanmi has globally proven its high technology and capacity with FDC (fixed dose combinations) drugs. Amosartan, a hypertension drug, is exported to 51 countries around the world through Merck. Hanmi also develops and proceeds with many FDC drug projects with GSK.
No.1 R&D
In 2014,Hanmi invested over 150 billion won in R&D for the first time. Based on this, Hanmi focuses on developing new drug projects such as LAPSCOVERY and anticancer drugs targeting the global market. The synergy effect of research and development is expected from our “Open Innovation” strategy, which opened other excellent R&D capabilities.
Contribute to human health
Hanmi’s first mission, ‘respect for human life, value creation’, is creating new values to keep everyone’s health and improve their quality of life. Based on this management philosophy, Hanmi makes an effort to be a healthy social corporation developing a business model that contributes to human health.
Hanmi Group Companies
  • Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.(Holding Co.)
    • Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd.
      • Beijing Hanmi Pharm
      • Hanmi Fine Chermical
      Affiliated company
      • Hanmi Healthcare Co., Ltd.
    • Online Pharm
    • Hanmi Japan
    • Hanmi Europe