About Hanmi

한미약품은 창조와 도전을 기치로 신약개발에 매진하는 R&D중심 제약기업입니다.



  • 1998 Making inroads into the European markets through acquisition of COS for the first time in Korea
  • Successful production of G-CSF through transformed black goat ‘Medi’
  • 1997 Hanmi Pharm. broke 100 billion won barrier in sales
  • 1994 Development of cyclosporin A for the 2nd time in the world
  • Ground-breaking ceremony of Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Technology transfer to Novartis (domestic market)
  • Technology transfer to Novartis (foreign market)
  • 1993 Completion of Hanmi Pharm.’s headquarters at Bangi dong
  • 1989 Technical transfer to Swiss-based Roche; process patent of ceftriaxone
  • Completion of Hanmi Fine Chem.’s Shiwha plant under newly expanded construction
  • 1988 Hanmi Pharm as listed company into Korea’s stock market
  • 1987 Development of third-generation ceftriaxone antibiotic as inject-able form
  • 1986 Accreditation of KGMP standards on all drugs
  • 1985 Synthesis cephalosporin antibiotics
  • 1984 New construction of Paltan GMP plant located at Paltan myeon, Whasung gun, Gyeonggi province
  • 1983 Making of company motto
  • Establishment of Hanmi Fine Chemical Co., an affiliated company of Hanmi Pharm
  • 1978 Making of company’s spirit ‘Creation, Justice, and Deed’
  • 1974 Composition of sales force
  • 1973First launching of trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole powde
  • Change into Hanmi Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd
  • Establishment of Lim, Sung-ki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd