About Hanmi

한미약품은 창조와 도전을 기치로 신약개발에 매진하는 R&D중심 제약기업입니다..



  • DecHIMD for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Esomezol, launched in the United States
  • Hanmi- Sanofi launched Robelito, the first ARB-Statin combination drug in Korea
  • NovHanmi launched Naxozol, a NSAIDs-PPI combination drug
  • OctTargeted anti-cancer drug candidate, HM61713, presented recent clinical study during WCLC
  • LAPS-Exendin4 progresses to Multi-National Phase IIb Clinical Studies
  • SepHanmi awarded best biotechnology corporation prize by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in recognition of LAPS-GCSF development
  • RFID history management solution, KEIDAS, achieves 'GS1 EPCglobal' certification
  • AugStudy on Pidogul, anti-thrombotic drug, published in AJCD/Clinical Therapeutics
  • Anti-reflux esophagitis, Esomezol, receives marketing authorization in the US through 505(b)2 procedure
  • JulTargeted anti-cancer drug candidate, HM61713, enters multiracial Phase I study
  • License agreement with Wakamoto for Korean commercialization of MaQaid
  • Export Hanmi IMD (Esomezol, Amosartan, Pidogul), seven countries in SE Asia through DKSH
  • Hepatitis C drug(LAPS-IFNα), Phase II underway in Latin America
  • Chinese Hospital Pharmacists Association visits Hanmi headquarters and R&D center
  • Hanmi melanoma treatment candidate, selected to receive government support
  • Hanmi antibiotic powder injection, achieves the first EU GMP acquisition in the nation
  • Hanmi rheumatoid arthritis drug, Phase I on the European cruise
  • Jun The 7th Hanmi mid-small hospital award, Yutae Jeon, the CEO of Inbong Medical Association
  • Hanmi-Sanofi Korea’s first request for approval, ‘ARB-statin’ a complex new drug
  • Hanmi enters Phase 3 studies, natural new drug for abdominal obesity
  • May Hanmi receives the global ‘best RFID deployment’ award
  • ‘Esomezol’ IMD of Nexium, apply for a first marketing authorization to the U.S. FDA
  • Apr Complex new drug ’Ibastin’ (hypertension + hyperlipidemia), manufacturing technique patent
  • ‘Pidogul’ platelet aggregation, listed on international journals (Clinical Therapeutics)
  • April Hanmi global biopharmaceuticals ‘LAPS-GCSF’, enters Phase II in the U.S.
  • Mar Pharmacy-only energy drink, ‘Premium Recipe’ released
  • Fab 12th annual essay prize award
  • Nasal aerosol rhinitis treatment, ‘Moteson Plus’ released
  • ‘Amosartan’ licensed in the three states of CIS and Uzbek
  • 1st Sound of Light sharing concert
  • Global cancer new drug KX2-391, domestic clinical plunge
  • Jan Online Pharm enters automatic prescription equipment market
  • 'Fenocid' launched for the management of neutral fat