Compliance Program

한미약품은 지식영업을 토대로 제약영업의 패러다임을 대전환하였습니다.

Compliance Manual

Laws and regulations concerning fair transactions

As the company becomes committed to introducing the 'CP' for compliance with laws and regulations pertinent to fair transactions, all employees of the Company must be fully aware of and comply with fair transaction laws and promote liberal and fair competition in the market to lead a fair transaction atmosphere. In addition, this prevents economic loss such as penalties, damage compensation, etc. due to violation of laws and regulations as well as civil and criminal liability by officers and employees, prevents damage to the company’s social image from press coverage of violation of laws, and enhances our corporate image as a company which practices transparent ethical management.

There are nine laws and regulations related to fair transaction in total, including the 'Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act', the Act on Fairness of the Subscription Business Transaction, the Act on Fairness of Subcontract Transaction, the Act on Regulation of General Terms and Conditions, the Act on Indication Advertisement Fairness, the Act on Consumer Protection of Electronic Commerce and Others, the Act on Home Sales and Others, the Act on Installation Transactions and others.