Compliance Program

한미약품은 지식영업을 토대로 제약영업의 패러다임을 대전환하였습니다.

Summary of the CP

Compliance Officer
Chairman of the Compliance Council
Report to CEO on operation status (once per quarter)
Maintenance and sharing of status for various laws and regulations, and cases
Compliance Council
Operation of the applicable affairs related to the Compliance Program and assistant for work performance of the Compliance Officer
Selection of the responsible person (overall operation of the applicable work) and person in charge (performance assistance) of the Compliance Council
Collection of applicable work-related data and submittal of the Compliance Officer
CP-related community operation and discovery of improvement matters
Electronic notification of the key operating status of CP
CP grade evaluation and management
Holding the Compliance Council once per term (holding of special meetings)
Completion of 2-hour education related to fair transactions of once every semi-term
Person in charge of compliance for each department
Overall compliance inspection of pertinent department (inspection by checklist)
Management of inspection results for each part and report to the Compliance Officer
Fair transaction-related counseling and instruction of pertinent department
Independent inspection and report of violation by pertinent department
Officers and employees
Officers and employees
Information when discovering violation of fair transaction related laws and regulations