“Evolution of LAPSCOVERY”…Apply to diabetes, obesity, NASH and rare disease.

Oct 10, 2018

“Evolution of LAPSCOVERY”…Apply to diabetes, obesity, NASH and rare disease.


4 research result announcement on LAPSTriple Agonist at EASD

4 research result announcement on Efpeglenatide with Sanofi


Hanmi Pharmaceutical's LAPSCOVERY technology continues to evolve.


LAPSCOVERY is a platform technology that prolongs the duration of biologics and makes it possible for weekly or monthly drug administration. This technology has been applied to the development of new drugs for diabetes, obesity, neutropenia and rare diseases.


Especially LAPSCOVERY-based obesity and diabetes drug candidates, licensed to Sanofi and Janssen are swiftly undergoing various studies to accelerate the commercialization.


Hanmi Pharmaceutical has presented 8 research results regarding two new drug candidates(LAPSTriple Agonist, Efpeglenatide) applied 'LAPSCOVERY' technology at 54th EASD annual meeting(the European Association for the Study of Diabetes).


LAPSTriple Agonist, ongoing phase 1 clinical trial is a material stimulating Glucagon that boosts body metabolism. At the same time, it stimulates GLP-1(an acid that enhances the secretion of insulin and suppresses appetite) and GIP(an inhibiting hormone that induces insulin secretion. Hanmi Pharmaceutical has published 4 research results on LAPSTriple Agonist in the oral & poster presentation.


According to the oral presentation, LAPSTriple Agonist showed the significant effects to improve blood lipid profile and Liver Lipid Metabolism in obese animal model, improved the inflammation, hepatic fibrosis and a fatty liver in NASH animal model.


The preclinical study result also confirmed the neural protection and symptom improvement in animal model with the Parkinson and Alzheimer-type dementia in diabetes, demonstrating the possibility of treating the neurodegenerative diseases.


Hanmi Pharmaceutical, together with Sanofi has published 4 research results that demonstrate the superiority of Efpeglenatide. Efpeglenatide is a GLP-1 class biologic for the treatment of type 2 diabetes developed by Hanmi Pharmaceutical and licensed to Sanofi in 2015. It is currently undergoing global phase 3 clinical trials.


According to the announcement, Efpeglenatide improved glucose control, weight loss and insulin resistance over competing drugs(Liraglutide, Dulaglutide) in diabetic and obese animal models.


The global phase 2 studies, administered to patients with type 2 diabetes(EXCEED-203) and obesity without diabetes(BALANCE-205), had shown significant effects on blood glucose, weight control and lipid improvement compared to placebo with comparable safety profile to the other GLP-1 drugs.


"Various studies of new drugs applied LAPSCOVEYRY technology are undergoing to prove the possibility as innovative treatments. We will put our best effort to develop them successfully and commercialize them early enough for patients who are suffering from the diseases." Hanmi Pharmaceutical President & CEO, Se-chang Kwon said.


EASD is a global community of diabetes related scientists and clinicians from more than 130 nations with 18,000 attendees participates in this conference every year. The 54th EASD is being held at Berlin, Germany on Oct 1 to 5.