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Reduced Renal Clearance

LAPSCOVERY applied protein/peptide drugs show long in vivo half life due to reduced renal clearance.

Reduced Vascular Endothelial Clearance

LAPSCOVERY applied biotherapeutics avoid vascular endothelial clearance mechanism.

Minimally Impaired Ligand Receptor Interaction

Comparing to other long acting products, LAPSCOVERY products maintain their active sites with minimal structural hindrance. This makes the LAPSCOVERY products fit well with their relevant receptors, and contributes to the minimally impaired activity.

Platform Technology

LAPSCOVERY is a platform technology that can be applied to various molecules including glycosylated proteins, modified or artificial peptides with unnatural amino acid sequences.

Optimal Conjugation Sites

LAPSCOVERY can select the optimal conjugation sites from the proteins or peptides to minimize the structural hindrance and maximize the pharmacological activity