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Beijing Hanmi is accredited as 'R&D Center' by Beijing Municipal Government18, Apr. 2012


Beijing Hanmi is accredited as 'R&D Center' by Beijing Municipal Government



The Beijing Municipal Government has recently evaluated research units of the companies in the Beijing region and has accredited 41 R&D Centers. Among these companies, only four pharmaceutical companies and their R&D units were included. Through R&D accreditation, Beijing Hanmi will be entitled to receive incentives with the highest at 1 million yuan for the subsequent 4 years.


Beijing Hanmi R&D center was established in October 2008 and currently has more than 110 researchers. Beijing Hanmi Research Center is currently working on a number of collaborative R&D projects with Hanmi Research Center in Korea in order to accelerate the launch of new products in Chinese market. In addition, Beijing Hanmi conducts in-house research with 5~6 drug candidates for cancer and metabolic diseases.


The spokesman in Hanmi said, "Beijing Hanmi is the only foreign-funded enterprises, accredited by Beijing government. Through this support, we expect to strengthen our R&D activities and innovative position in the Chinese market.”

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