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What is the Quantum Project?

Quantum leap of anti-diabetes/obesity treatment through LAPSCOVERY biobetters weekly Insulin, weekly GLP-1, and weekly Combo
  1. Maximized Efficacy & Better Safety Profile
    • Unique receptor kinetics : Potent glucose lowering efficacy by less desensitization of GLP-1 receptor
    • Remarkably prolonged half-life : No burst absorption and Low peak-to-trough ratio allows excellent Gl tolerability and flexible regimen from weekly to monthly
  2. Compliance Advantages
    • No treatment-induced anti-drug antibodies
    • Small injection volume with 31G needle
LAPS Insulin 115
  1. Safety Benefits of Weekly Insulin Therapy
    • Low risk of hypoglycemia
    • Low variability and sustained glycemic control with weekly injection
  2. Compliance Benefits by Weekly Injection
    • High response rates to patients with better compliance
    • Reduced fear of injection with less frequency
  3. Ideal Combination Partner with Weekly GLP-1 Agonist
    • Candidate for the first once-weekly combination with long-acting GLP-1
LAPS Insulin Combo

LAPS Insulin 115 + efpeglenatide : Breakthrough Therapy with Once Weekly Combination

  1. Combining GLP-1 therapy with insulin is ideal in T2DM management, yet its application is not optimal due to frequent injections
  2. LAPS Insulin Combo (LAPS Insulin 115 + efpeglenatide) could be
    • The first once-weekly combination entering clinical phase
    • Currently efpeglenatide in Phase 2b;LAPS Insulin in Phase 1
  3. Ideal T2DM therapy maximizing glycemic control with
    • Lower hypoglycemic events
    • Neutral body weight or potential body weight loss
    • Better compliance (weekly injection with fine needle)