BIO Discovery

Biomedicine for maximizing treatment interval and efficiency
Hanmi is currently conducting clinical trials for multiple LAPSCOVERYTM-based biologics for treatment of diabetes, obesity, neutropenia and growth hormone deficiency. We are also expanding into new indications in the rare disease spectrum.

Seeking new opportunities by expanding indications

A New Paradigm for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
  1. Efpeglenatide
    • GLP-1 class weekly ~ monthly administration (best-in-class)
    • Superior blood glucose lowering efficacy via less GLP-1R desensitization
  2. LAPS Insulin / LAPS Insulin Analog
    • Low variability and sustained glycemic control with weekly injection
    • Ideal combination partner with weekly GLP-1 agonist candidate for the first once-weekly combination with long-acting GLP-1
  3. LAPS Insulin Combo (LAPS Insulin Analog + Efpeglenatide)
    • More effective glycemic control than GLP-1 or insulin therapy alone
    • Lower hypoglycemic events and reduced body weight gain compared to insulin therapy alone
Biologics for Long-acting Obesity/Diabetes
    • Once weekly administration for diabetes and obesity (first-in-class)
    • The potent synergistic effects of GLP-1 and glucagon on glycemic control and weight loss
Biologics for Long-acting Enzyme Replacement Therapy
    • LAPS is the best solution for long-acting Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT)
    • Targeting monthly regime (self-administration of subcutaneous)
    • Next generation biologics with improved bioavailability and tissue delivery
  2. LAPS Glucagon Analog
    • Once weekly administration for cogenitial hyperinsulinism
    • Improved patient compliance by subcutaneous self administration
  3. LAPS GLP-2 Analog
    • Once weekly administration for short bowel syndrome
    • Significantly increase small intestinal mass by increased in vivo stability