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CSR Committee Composition (2020.03.31)
CSR Committee Composition
Category Name Responsibilities
Chairperson Jong-Soo Woo President & CEO
committee members Se-Chang Kwon President & CEO
Jong-Chul Rim CSR advisor
Jong-Ho Lim CSR executive director
Jung-Hyun Park Public Affair director
Ki-Ho Song Finance and economy director
Young-Suk Song CSR advisor
CSR Committee Meeting
CSR Committee Meeting
Date Agenda

ESG class status and plans for improvement

2018 4th quarter results and 2019 1st quarter CSR management planning Introduction of ISO 22301


Publishing of 2018-2019 CSR Report

1st quarter results and 2nd quarter CSR management planning Establishment of the hEHS Committee to promote Environmental Management expertise


2nd quarter results and 3rd quarter CSR management planning

Operation of the Hanmi Pharm environmental ‘Green Hanmi Campaign’


3rd quarter results and 4th quarter CSR management planning

Plans to acquire and operate ISO 22301 certification