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Board of Directors

BOD Composition (2019.06.30)
Board of Directors
Category Name Responsibilities election date term expiry date
Executive Director Jong-Soo Woo Business Management 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Se-Chang Kwon New Drug R&D 2017.03.10 2020.03.10
Chong-Yoon Lim Business Development 2018.03.16 2021.03.16
Jong-Hoon Lim Management Planning /CIO 2017.03.10 2020.03.10
Gwan-Sun Lee Global Strategy 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Non-executive Director Dong-Ho Lee Non-executive Director 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Sung-Hoon Kim Non-executive Director 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Dong-Cheol Suh Non-executive Director 2017.03.10 2020.03.10
2018 BOD Meetings
2018 BOD Meetings
Session No. Held On Agenda
01 29.01.2018

Announcement of 2017 financial results

02 21.02.2018

Discussion on convocation of the 8th general shareholders meeting and meeting objectives

Discussion on declaration of cash dividend

03 12.03.2018

Approval of the 8th annual financial statements

Issuance of non-guaranteed bonds

Adoption of stock grant

04 02.05.2018

Announcement of 2018 1Q financial results

Reporting on the results of non-guaranteed bond issuance

05 31.07.2018

Announcement of 2018 2Q financial results

06 29.10.2018

Announcement of 2018 3Q financial results

Discussion on liquidizing accounts receivables from Online Pharm

Approval of FRN issuance

07 13.12.2018

Discussion on transfer of capital reserves