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Board of Directors

BOD Composition (2020.03.31)
Board of Directors
Category Name Responsibilities election date term expiry date
Executive Director Jong-Soo Woo Business Management 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Se-Chang Kwon New Drug R&D 2017.03.10 2023.03.20
Chong-Yoon Lim Business Development 2018.03.16 2021.03.16
Jong-Hoon Lim Management Planning /CIO 2017.03.10 2023.03.20
Gwan-Sun Lee Global Strategy 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Non-executive Director Dong-Ho Lee Non-executive Director 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Sung-Hoon Kim Non-executive Director 2016.03.18 2022.03.15
Dong-Cheol Suh Non-executive Director 2017.03.10 2023.03.20
2019 BOD Meetings
2019 BOD Meetings
Session No. Held On Agenda
01 01.29.2019

Report on the 2018 closing

02 02.25.2019

Convening the Ninth Regular Shareholders’ General Meeting and setting the agenda

Cash dividends

03 02.25.2019

CEO’s presentation on the operational status of the internal accounting management system

Audit Committee’s report on evaluation of the operational status of the internal accounting management system

04 03.11.2019

Approval of the 2018 financial statements

05 03.15.2019

Appointment of the CEO

06 04.30.2019

Report on 1st quarter closing

Issuance of Hanmi Pharm’s non-guaranteed bonds

Amendment of Hanmi Pharm’s compliance control standards

Appointment of Hanmi Pharm’s compliance support personnel

07 06.17.2019

Provision of security

08 07.30.2019

Report on 2nd quarter closing

09 10.29.2019

Report on 3rd quarter closing

10 12.03.2019

Finalizing the contract to introduce an oral anti-cancer drug

11 12.12.2019

Transfer of reserve funds to capital I Adoption of the electronic voting system