About Hanmi

한미약품은 창조와 도전을 기치로 신약개발에 매진하는 R&D중심 제약기업입니다.



  • JulyHanmi launched the first osteoporosis therapy in the world which combines SERM with Vitamin D
  • Hanmi received approval of Amosartan Q, a hypertension-hyperlipidemia three-compound complex
  • Hanmi’s Esomezol listed in U.S. drug encyclopedia
  • Hanmi launched ‘Monterizine’, a combination drug for patients with both asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • JunHanmi presented its 2 candidate substance of biologic applied with ‘LAPSCOVERY’ at ADA
  • Hanmi presented the clinical trial results of hypertension three-compound complex at EHS
  • Hanmi won approval for Amosartan Plus, a 3 in 1 combination drug for hypertension
  • April ‘RaboneD’, a first combination drug of Raloxifene HCI and Cholecalciferol approved for sale in Korea
  • Hanmi launched ‘Besigum’, a treatment for overactive bladder syndrome treatment
  • May Hanmi received approval of a 1st-phase clinical test of the combination therapy of RAF target anti-cancer drug HM95573
  • 'Monterizine', a first combination drug for asthma-rhinitis approved for sale in Korea
  • Phase III trial results of 'Gugutams' presented at 2017 AUA
  • Jan Hanmi-MSD, signed an agreement to export “Rosuzet” to export to 23 countries
  • Hanmi unveiled new R&D strategy at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference