About Hanmi

한미약품은 창조와 도전을 기치로 신약개발에 매진하는 R&D중심 제약기업입니다.



  • Jun. CEO kwon Se Chang awared 'KASBP Appreciation Award’ at KASBP spring symposium
  • Confirms global competitiveness innovative drugs for NASH, rare diseases and targeted anti-cancer
  • Spectrum and Atenex Announce results of new drugs
  • Spectrum presents clinical trial results of Belvarafenib at AACR
  • May. Phase 3 results of “Rovelito” were published in the international journal
  • Spectrum "'poziotinib’ global phase 2 cohort two study patient collection completed"
  • Hanmi receives FDA orphan drug designation fin treatment of short bowel syndrome
  • Apr. JVM Packaging System, Launched in the Russian market
  • Genetech presents 4 results of clinical trial at AACR
  • Mar. Co promotion agreement of ‘Diquas’ with Santen
  • Received Seoul Metropolitan Government's Best Practices for Public Taxpayers
  • Rovelito Released clinical results of Phase 4 in the international journal
  • Feb. Hanmi Pharmaceutical-MPO, 7th concert was succesfully ended
  • Hanmi Pharmaceutical set up an audit committee
  • Jan. Announced 2018 earnings 1.16 trillion won in sales, 19% R&D investment against sales
  • Certified International Standard for Information Protection Management System (ISO27001)
  • Hanmi unveiled new R&D strategy at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
  • Oraxol Global 3-phase patient collection completed
  • Spectrum "'poziotinib’ global phase 2 cohort one study patient collection completed"